DPC By The Numbers


Direct Primary Care (DPC) by the Numbers


In traditional models, doctors spend nearly two hours on insurance and other documentation for every hour they see patients. To remove this obstacle to providing high-quality patient care, DPC physicians do not accept insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. However, maintaining health insurance is important in the event of emergency or unexpected medical needs.

Less paperwork means we have a lot more time to spend caring for you.




On average, DPC physicians spend 140 minutes with each patient annually – not including time spent communicating through email, video chats, and telephone calls. That compares to just 33 minutes in traditional primary care practices.

Longer appointments = better health, lower overall cost.




Your Exemplar Care physician cares for 75 percent fewer patients than the average physician in traditional practices.

You get the time and attention you deserve.



Patients don't like financial surprises.

We believe in 100% transparency.

You deserve more than a Band-Aid solution.

We treat you as a partner in your healthcare, beginning to end.

Care shouldn't be about what's convenient for us.

You choose when, where, and how you receive care.


Rushed appointments and a broken healthcare system don't improve health.

We believe healthcare should be a service industry.

Physicians should take the time to listen to, understand, and care for each patient.

Over time, we earn each patient's complete trust.

DPC eliminates the obstacles to our providing truly excellent care.

You deserve to receive our undivided attention.

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