How can you attract and retain excellent employees while reducing overall healthcare costs?

Offer instant, affordable, and unlimited access to Exemplar Care’s high-quality Direct Primary Care (DPC) medical services.

Whether used as a standalone health benefit or layered onto existing health insurance options, DPC is shown to increase employee loyalty and health while reducing absenteeism and productivity losses. And the monthly cost per enrolled employee is just $50, which can be shared with your employees.


What is Direct Primary Care?

An Ideal Solution For Businesses That

  • Offer limited or no healthcare benefits

  • Want to attract and retain a high-quality workforce

  • Have self-funded health insurance and want to reduce premiums 30-60% while maintaining employees’ access to basic healthcare services


“A tight labor market means employers won’t be able to skimp on offering health benefits.”

–Managed Care

In today’s healthcare-deprived landscape, employees are getting sicker.

We are beginning to see the backlash of rising healthcare costs, higher deductibles, and skyrocketing out-of-pocket expenses – more employers have streamlined employee health benefits. Without access to quality preventive and basic care, employees are sicker, miss more work, and impair their employer’s overall productivity and profitability.

“Deductibles have, on average, quadrupled over the last dozen years. As a result, even some people who have health insurance are having trouble affording medical care.”


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