Join the growing number of patients who are taking back control of how, when, and where they receive primary care services.

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  • Your memberships includes

    • 24-hour access to your physician

    • Unlimited consultations in-person or by phone, email, FaceTime, or text

    • Extended, relaxed visits with little to no waiting room time

    • House calls and inpatient hospital visits

    • Complete price transparency with no surprise bills

    • Wholesale pricing on many services, including labs and medication costs
    • comprehensive annual physical, including related laboratory costs
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  • Membership Fees

    Age 14-44

    Age 45-64



    Savings available

    5% Annual Prepaid Discount

    5% Couple Discount

    Savings available

    5% Annual Prepaid Discount

    5% Couple Discount

    Exemplar Care is unable to enroll Medicare enrolled or eligible patients at this time. A waitlist is available for those with interest.

    To provide truly patient-centered care, DPC removes the obstacles presented by today’s traditional medical practices – endless and time-consuming paperwork, convoluted codes, and rushed patient appointments. Therefore, Exemplar Care does not file claims or accept payments for services from insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

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