The Exemplar Care Difference

Providing a better medical experience

We believe all individuals deserve quality medical care – regardless of background or income.

The solution we offer is a reasonably priced membership program for families and employers. Our unique membership model is based on what we love about Direct Primary Care (DPC), but enhanced to provide benefits beyond what a traditional DPC can offer.

Our members include employer groups and a wide range of individuals.

Some members are self-employed, and combine their exemplar care membership with a high deductible insurance plan for emergencies. Other members have unique medical challenges and benefit from the constancy of a primary care provider that can coordinate all of their medical needs.

Our membership fee is lower than you might expect.

The best of DPC – Your Provider Knows You

At Exemplar Care, we connect you with a provider who gets to know you. Working with one provider gives you continuity of care. Your provider takes time to get to know your medical history. Visits are never rushed. We take time to get to know you, and build on the knowledge. Future visits can be streamlined because we already know your medical history. No need to repeat the same stories each time you have a medical need.

Don’t wait for Preventive Care

Many traditional providers book preventive care appointments months out.  At Exemplar Care, we value preventive care. You can get an appointment to see your provider within a few days – even for preventive care.

Beyond DPC

In addition to direct and unlimited access to your provider, we offer urgent care open 24/7. If it is late at night you can still get the care you need – access to x-ray, stitches, medical answers and basic prescription meds all included in your membership. It almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.

We meet you where you’re at, and work with you on your healthcare goals.

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One Membership Covers All Your Primary Care

Our member patients have full access, as often as needed, to our clinic, urgent care, extended care, consultation via text or phone, and telemedicine appointments. You can say goodbye to “Dr. Google” because our team is always available to answer your questions.

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No More Co-Pays or Deductibles

The direct primary care model is membership based. That means that by paying a low monthly fee you have ready access to everything Exemplar Care has to offer. This is made possible because our team is freed from billing insurance companies, coding your visit, or doing reams of paperwork.

Exemplar Care is Always There

When we say “unlimited” we mean it. You have access to your provider when you need it for one low monthly membership fee. This is a great benefit if you are focused on preventative health, chronic disease management, or if you are currently without health benefits.

Find a plan that works for you