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Extended Care


Advanced care available 24 hours a day

Designed for those recovering from a procedure, or experiencing an acute illness or injury like flu, dehydration or concussion, our extended care is available to anyone in the Des Moines metro area in need.


When you’re fighting an illness or recovering from an outpatient procedure, there are times when you aren’t sick enough for an inpatient stay, but not well enough to wait it out at home. When you find yourself or a loved one in that situation know that Exemplar Care is always there.


Our Extended Care is overseen by a physician and staffed by skilled medical personnel who will monitor your condition and address any acute needs you have. If more advanced care becomes necessary, our team will work with local hospitals to arrange your transfer.

Extended Care Includes:

  • Care overseen by a physician.
  • Up to 23 hours of monitoring by skilled medical professionals.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • Onsite access to lab and other diagnostic testing.
  • Comfortable recovery room.
  • Care for a variety of conditions including flu, dehydration and concussion, as well as outpatient procedures and more.

Easy Access to Exemplar Care

We are conveniently located just one block north of Interstate 80 in West Des Moines, making our clinic easily accessible from anywhere in the Des Moines metro. Extended Care is provided at no cost as a benefit to our member patients. We also accept all major insurance carriers and self-pay patients.

Extended Care is covered for our Direct Primary Care Members

Our member patients have full access, as often as needed, to our clinic, urgent care, extended care, consultation via text or phone, and telemedicine appointments.