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Self or Level / Partially Funded

A self or level / partially funded company pays for its health claims through a third-party administrator (TPA) that functions like an insurance company. The TPA processes all employee health insurance claims, and the company pays for those claims out of its own funds. Any funds remaining at the end of the year are retained by the company. If the funds are depleted or a health claim exceeds a certain amount, the reinsurance or stop loss kicks in. For many years, this has been the best way for a company to somewhat control its health costs. 

Adding our primary care program to your benefits or choosing a plan that layers us into the plan is a fantastic new tool to further control your costs and employees love the experience, making it an excellent recruiting and retention tool. 

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Fully Insured

A fully insured company pays an insurance premium, and the insurance company manages the care and costs. 

If your employees have a high deductible health plan, they might be deferring care because of costs making them “functionally uninsured”.  Deferred care could result in a poor health outcome for your employees. This could ultimately cost your company lower productivity and even the loss of the employee due to health problems.

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Currently No Health Benefits

A company that offers no health benefits is always less than 50 employees, but generally less than 20. 

Adding our Direct Primary program can make a huge difference. No matter how much a quality employee might want to work at your company, many may not consider it because of no health benefits. Even very simple health conditions may eliminate your company from consideration. 

For example, hypothyroidism is a very common condition and easily managed. However, a visit to the doctor 1 – 4 times per year, plus monthly costs of medication would cost someone $1500 or more. With our Direct Primary Care program, visits are unlimited and would be free and medication would likely be discounted to under $120 per year and sometimes be included in membership.

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