A Breath of Fresh Air

Ease of access, high quality care, and cost-effective services set Exemplar Care apart.

When he began looking for a new primary care provider, Joe had three priorities. He wanted easy access to care, he wanted an option that was cost effective, and he wanted a provider who was willing to take the time to get to know him.

He found it all in the Direct Primary Care (DPC) offering at Exemplar Care.


“I’m a busy guy,” says Joe, who is the city manager for a community about 35 minutes from Des Moines. “So taking a day for a routine appointment is hard for me to do—especially when you consider with my old doctor you were doing it for about a five minute appointment.”

Joe sees Stacy Hennigar, ARNP for his care. As a seasonal allergy sufferer, he says it has been convenient to be able to link up with Stacy at the onset of his symptoms without having to worry about a co-pay or a long wait to be seen. Joe has even been able to reach Stacy via secure teleconference to address an urgent need recently.

“It’s a tough time of year for me with my sinuses because of the allergies,” Joe says. “We are more than a half hour drive from Des Moines, so it was nice that I was able to connect with Stacy online. I was able to do it during my lunch hour. Not only did that save me time at work, it saved me the gas. I got the same level of service without having to leave town.”


Joe was able to get his appointment taken care of and his prescription called in without taking any time off work. The experience was night and day compared to the more traditional primary care clinic he had been going to.

“It’s night and day,” Joe says. “It is just so much easier to access, and everyone I have been seen by at Exemplar Care has listened to what I have had to say. They aren’t just treating something. They are treating you. That is a breath of fresh air.

He has been so impressed with the level of care and convenience offered at Exemplar Care—at a low monthly fee—that he has started recommending it to others.


“As a city manager I like to be able to help those who are headed into retirement find options that will work for them in terms of healthcare,” Joe says. “COBRA coverage can be pretty expensive, and my experience with Exemplar Care convinces me that it would be a great option for those who are retiring but not yet Medicare age.”

“It has been a great thing for me and my family,” he continues. “It should definitely be an option that others are looking at.”

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