Can Healthcare Be Cheaper Than A Daily Cup Of Coffee?

The answer is YES!

Many people treat coffee as an affordable luxury and the average cost of a cup of coffee in the U.S.  jumped 7.6% in 2022 to an average of $4.90. Recent inflation combined with changes in weather conditions for coffee-growing areas means that even coffee made at home is more expensive!

With Direct Primary Care, membership is cheaper than you might think. Broken down to a daily cost, it can be less than your morning latte. 

There are a number of reasons that healthcare is so expensive in the U.S.

Direct Primary Care is one area that is providing quality care and lowering costs for their member patients. 

Unlike the traditional, insurance-based healthcare model where patients are charged for every service, direct primary care cost is based on a membership fee, which can be paid monthly or on an annual basis. The membership fee covers primary care services, including unlimited clinic visits, virtual consultations, direct access to a provider, and more. 

A direct primary care membership generally costs $75 – $100 per month for an individual and tends to be lower for children.

In fact, most memberships cost less than $3 per day.

At Exemplar Care, membership includes visits to primary care, 24/7 urgent care, in-clinic dispensing of wholesale medications, physicals, and more. 

Improving the quality of our own, our family’s, or our employees’ healthcare and reducing costs associated with getting healthcare is something that we can all do. 

Call or contact us, if you are interested in learning more about Direct Primary Care at Exemplar Care.

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