Convenient Access to Quality Care a ‘Game Changer’

Des Moines family finds comfort in the providers of Exemplar Care

As any parent with a child in the home can tell you, there is no predicting when a doctor visit is going to be needed. From earaches that hit in the middle of the night to sports injuries that require a look on the weekend, finding a 24/7 provider often means going to the emergency room—and paying the associated costs in terms of time and money—for care.

Diana, 34, of Des Moines, is married with a school-aged child. All too familiar with the stress associated with finding care when it is needed, an article about Exemplar Care establishing its clinic in West Des Moines caught her eye. After digging a little deeper, she decided that Direct Primary Care (DPC) would be a great option for her family.


Diana says the family has made multiple trips to urgent care clinics and emergency rooms over the years to address a range of issues including colds, earaches, sprains, and strains that happened after hours. The cost of those visits, coupled with the inconvenience of calling around to try to find a clinic that was offering appointments, was stressful. The fact that the family now has a single point of contact at Exemplar Care, and access to no cost urgent care appointments 24/7, provides a lot of peace of mind.

The access alone has been a game changer for Diana. While experiencing long-term effects of COVID-19, she leaned on her provider.

“My case wound up being very complex,” says Diana, who sees Elli Vore, PA-C. “Having that single point of contact with Elli is so nice, especially when you’re not feeling well. I’m not having to bounce around to different providers and explain things multiple times. Elli knows my history and I can kind of just decompress in my appointments with her. Being able to have a conversation with her about what I was feeling and experiencing has made a huge difference in my life. It greatly reduced my health anxiety.”

While Diana and the family have made use of office visits—both Primary and Urgent Care as part of their monthly DPC membership—they have also used a number of other tools to get medical advice from their home. From phone calls and text messages to telemedicine, Diana has made use of every mode of communication offered by the Exemplar Care team.


“From the start, we had a chance to sit down with the providers and really get to know them,” Diana says. “The first time we needed care it was exactly as they told us it would be. They make receiving care so much easier.

In short, Diana says the team at Exemplar Care is focused on building relationships.

“They look at us, every member of the family, as a whole person,” she says. “We aren’t just an ear infection or a cough or a cold. I can always count on my provider to be in tune with me and to know what issue is going on with me. They look at things holistically to develop a treatment plan that addresses everything we are experiencing, instead of just treating the symptom of the moment.

It is the personal touch of her primary care provider that has provided the most comfort to Diana, together with the knowledge that urgent care is open 24/7. 

“Elli has been amazing,” Diana says. “When we need her, she is there. That level of care is priceless to us. Because, on a Sunday night, when your child is running a fever and you don’t know what to do, it is incredibly comforting to know in a phone call you can get some answers.”


“In the past, it may have been an expensive and time-consuming trip to the emergency room,” Diana continues. “Now we reach out in the way that is most convenient for us, confident that the provider on the other end knows us and is prepared to care for us.”

Diana concluded that “With our high deductible plan, Direct Primary Care is the perfect fit for us.”

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