Direct Primary Care model meets the needs of Dr. Suzie Kuhnen 

Surgeon Has a Special Appreciation for Exemplar Care Approach

As a plastic surgeon with a bustling practice, Suzie Kuhnen, DO, knows first-hand how important it is for physicians to spend time with their patients. When she needs care herself, Suzie appreciates the time she is given at Exemplar Care.

Suzie was one of the first patients to become a Direct Primary Care (DPC) member at Exemplar Care. She says she appreciates the way DPC is turning the traditional primary care model on its head.

It’s Accessible

“The great thing about Direct Primary Care is that you have 24-hour access to care,” Suzie says. Exemplar Care patients have access to in-person appointments, secure videoconferencing, texting, and email. In addition, in the case of an acute injury or illness, access to the Exemplar Care Urgent Care is covered within DPC membership. 

With her schedule, Suzie appreciates being able to make use of the easy access to her provider without having to come into the clinic. On a few occasions, she has shot the care team a quick question by text. She says she regularly received a reply within 30 minutes.

“It was great to have accessibility, even when or COVID made it hard to physically get to an appointment,” Suzie says. “It was great to have options to continue to receive care and drill down on things when necessary.”

Accessibility is only one benefit.

It’s Affordable

Suzie is thankful to receive all primary care services for a low monthly membership.

“The membership is nice because I have access to my provider all the time, I get my meds at a discount, and I get special cash pricing for several common procedures outside the scope of membership,” she says. “Even if something serious were to happen and I had to use all of my deductible, I would still come out ahead. In the long run, I am saving money,” and she says the prescription service, in particular, is very convenient.

“Most medications have a whole list of side effects, but nobody is affected by them the same,” Suzie says. “When I need a prescription, I can get it during my appointment and visit with my provider about it right there. Because they know me so well, they can walk through step-by-step what I can expect. I can get all of that without having to wait in line at the pharmacy. It’s just one more way Exemplar Care can cut down on the various steps required to get quality care.”

It’s Personal

She is most appreciative of the thoroughness of her appointments.

“Traditionally, if I needed to speak to my doctor, I’d need to make an appointment, sit in the waiting room and then hope for 15 minutes during my appointment,” she says. “At Exemplar Care, it’s different. Knowing you have the time to talk through your issues makes you much more comfortable and willing to open up about what you are experiencing. It is easier, to be honest about things, which means that the treatment is going to be better.”

In addition to her DPC membership, Suzie does carry a catastrophic care policy in the event she has a serious health issue that requires advanced care. 

She says the key to DPC for her is knowing that she is getting better primary care.

“Most people don’t want to go see the doctor unless they have to,” Suzie says. “So many people get anxious when it comes time, and that only makes it worse. The longer they wait, the worse their issue becomes and the harder it is to treat. That’s not the case at Exemplar Care. You get the personalized care that is best for you. Each person gets what is most important for them.”


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