Does Your Healthcare Suck? With Direct Primary Care It Doesn’t Have To!

Going through medical training, I remember hearing the only constant in healthcare is that it is ever-changing. Sadly, this holds true for patients as well as doctors and healthcare administrators. Rules regarding your insurance change, your premiums and deductibles change (interestingly, they only seem to go up), and no one can answer you if you ask what something costs.

Well, what if I tell you there is a way: to simplify your care? to increase access to your doctor? to make prices truly transparent? and to do it without breaking your budget? A lot of folks do not believe it, do you? Since starting Exemplar Care, a unique kind of primary care, I have been telling folks you can afford “concierge” service and wholesale medications, labs, and imaging. You can have unlimited access to your doctor via office visits, texts, calls, and video chats. You can save money by seeing your doctor instead of ignoring your health needs. Most importantly, you can build a one-on-one patient-physician relationship with someone who wants what is best for you and your health.

Direct primary care (DPC) has grown over 10-fold across the county in the last five years. DPC provides care the way you want, when you want, and how you want it. DPC can help start-ups and small businesses offer a benefit before you are able to provider full insurance. Large self-insured companies can save by partnering with DPC practices as well. Exemplar Care is one of the first of its kind in Des Moines, but after talking with several colleagues many more are in the works!

Jon Van Der Veer, DO

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