Our Direct Primary Care plans help recruit and retain employees

If you’re an employer with fewer than 50 employees spinning your wheels trying to recruit and retain the best and brightest in today’s ultra-competitive workforce, we can help.

A recent survey shows that Direct Primary Care (DPC) plans like those offered at Exemplar Care serve as an enticing “carrot” to those currently looking for work.

Businesses with 50 or fewer employees are in a fight for talent in today’s competitive job market. With unemployment rates at record lows, recruiting top talent requires a benefits package that stands out.

Offering an attractive health benefit can be more affordable than many small business owners think—especially for those not currently offering one. The right health benefit is also an extremely effective recruitment tool.

A recent Hint Health survey made the point clear: Direct Primary Care plans like those offered by Exemplar Care serve as an enticing “carrot” on the recruitment front with more than 80% of respondents indicating they would opt-in to a plan if it was offered.

DPC is attractive because it redefines primary care, offering a more accessible, affordable, and personal level of care that includes:

  • 24/7, unlimited access to providers for primary care and urgent care
  • Convenient access via in-person appointments, or secure telemedicine, phone, email, or text
  • Several low- or no-cost diagnostic tests, treatments, prescriptions
  • No co-pays or deductibles for primary care or urgent care services

To learn more about how our bottom-line friendly solution can help you recruit a top-notch workforce, find out more, or call us at (515) 650-4370.

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