Exemplar Care offers COVID testing at Des Moines Airport

Des Moines, Iowa (March 4, 2021): The Des Moines Airport Authority has partnered with Exemplar Care to provide travelers the convenience of onsite COVID testing at the Des Moines International Airport. Beginning March 4, 2021, Exemplar Care will offer three types of COVID tests at the airport: PCR, Rapid Antigen, and an Antibody test. International travel, as well as some domestic travel destinations, require a PCR test. Exemplar Care can test travelers at the airport or their West Des Moines location to meet this requirement. Exemplar Care is in the closed Berk & Chesters restaurant space. To book an appointment, visit www.FlyDSM.com and click the button at the top of the page.

“As more people choose to travel, adding onsite testing helps us to provide convenience and safety in a rapidly changing travel environment,” said Kevin Foley, Airport Authority Executive Director. “Wearing a mask and washing hands frequently remain critical in traveling safely, however through this partnership, travelers will also have the ability to monitor their health at the beginning of their trip as well as upon their return.”

All three tests are offered at low rates to the Des Moines metro: the PCR test is $90, Rapid Antigen $65, and the Antibody test is $25. It is recommended appointments be scheduled online before travel, especially for the PCR test. However, for returning passengers, walk-in services for Rapid Antigen tests and the Antibody test are offered onsite. PCR test results are back within 24 hours, whereas the other two tests provide results within sixty minutes.

“These tests are done while-you-wait and are designed for those traveling to and from a business meeting, a family visit or a vacation,” says Jon Van Der Veer, D.O., Exemplar Care founder and physician. “They provide a quick result to show whether you have antibodies to COVID-19 or whether you currently have a significant virus load. Having this information can be helpful in determining if you should travel or how you interact upon your return.”

All ticketed passengers within 72 hours of travel are eligible to be tested at the easy-to-access airport testing site. Appointments and walk-in testing are available to anyone at Exemplar Care’s West Des Moines location at 7300 Westown Parkway, Suite 330. For more information on test options or to book an appointment at either location, visit www.exemplar.care.

All travelers opting for the tests should continue to observe CDC recommendations to mask, social distance and regularly wash hands.

About the Des Moines Airport Authority
The Des Moines Airport Authority is an independent entity that oversees the operations and maintenance of the Des Moines International Airport. The Airport Authority works to improve the quality of air service and make air travel to and from Des Moines more convenient and pleasurable. For more information, visit www.flydsm.com and follow @dsmairport on Twitter and DSM International Airport on Facebook.

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