How Direct Primary Care Allows Our Providers to Make A Difference

Direct primary care (DPC) continues to make an impact on health outcomes, engagement, and the total cost of care. None of this would be possible without our dedicated staff and providers who are committed and dedicated to the patient members they serve. 

We are grateful for our care team who are the reason that we continue to improve health outcomes for our members. We spoke with our DPC providers to ask them why they love what they do. 

Dr. Jon Van Der Veer found his passion by moving away from a traditional fee-for-service healthcare model and establishing direct primary care at Exemplar Care. Dr. Jon and his team are working to understand each patient’s individual health journey, build deeper relationships and advocate for and support member patients to have their healthiest life. “It is a privilege to have an opportunity to serve and visit with patients before they get sick and try to help them from getting sick.” Many of our members take advantage of longer appointment times or direct contact with our providers and “I am inspired by the increased engagement with members which leads to healthier outcomes.” 

“I wanted to deliver health care not sick care and direct primary care allows me to do that” Nurse Practitioner, Stacy Hennigar stated. In previous roles, Stacy treated many patients every day and more often only saw them after they had already become sick. Exemplar Care has allowed her to spend more time with patients, get to know them, and work together on how best to manage their healthcare concerns. 

Elli Vore, Physician Assistant is fulfilled by providing more personable and more accessible primary care. By providing longer appointments, Elli is able to build strong and meaningful relationships with her patients and address preventative health. 

Our care teams are passionate about health, empathetic, and driven to make a difference to improve the lives of our members and the community. 

We appreciate you

Thanks to all Exemplar Care employees who strive to make a difference and improve patients’ health. Your passion and dedication enable us to positively change the healthcare industry. 

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