Living with Diabetes? Tips to Manage Thanksgiving

November is American Diabetes Month, and if you are living with this chronic condition, the holidays–specifically Thanksgiving—can be difficult to manage. The Exemplar Care team offers up these tips for managing your diabetes in a safe and healthy way during the holiday weekend:

  • Test your blood sugar before and after the meal.
  • If you have sweets or starches, which break down as sugar, have a piece of protein to balance out your blood sugar.
  • Watch your salt intake as salt raises blood sugar. 
  • If you feel more fatigued than usual, thirsty or get headaches, check your blood sugar to see if it has dropped or spiked.

And always remember, our Direct Primary Care (DPC) providers are your partners in navigating chronic diseases like diabetes. If you are in search of a provider who puts you at the center of care, we encourage you to learn more about our Direct Primary Care model.

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