Removing Healthcare Barriers

Exemplar Care values are a great fit for father-son duo, Jason and David. Their shared passion for improving healthcare led them to work together in an environment that values patient-centered care.

From Discovery to Advocacy

David’s path to Exemplar Care began when he met Dr. Jon Van Der Veer, the founder of Exemplar Care. Their discussions about the revolutionary Direct Primary Care (DPC) model sparked David’s interest, leading him to join the Exemplar Care team. Dr. Jon’s vision of a holistic, patient-centered approach to healthcare resonated deeply with David, who believes in the importance of personal connections with patients and identifying their barriers to care.

“The need to work closely with our members, understand their challenges, and take the time to help them overcome these barriers is crucial,” David emphasizes. “The DPC model allows us to achieve that.”

From Injury to Surgery

David’s son, Jason, experienced the benefits of Exemplar Care membership firsthand. A starting running back for Central College, Jason faced a significant hurdle when he suffered a shoulder injury. The efficiency and responsiveness of Exemplar Care was immediately apparent.

“Dr. Van Der Veer evaluated my shoulder on a Thursday. By Friday, I had an MRI, and by the following Tuesday, I had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon,” Jason recalls. “When my shoulder started to feel worse, Dr. Van Der Veer arranged for surgery the next Tuesday, completing all pre-op evaluations the very next day.”

This swift and convenient care was only possible because Exemplar Care operates outside the traditional fee-for-service model. “In the traditional healthcare system, it would have taken 2-3 weeks just to get an MRI due to insurance requirements and prior authorizations,” David explains. “But with Exemplar Care, we went from injury to surgery in about ten days.”

From Patient to Employee

Jason’s personal experience with Exemplar Care inspired his career in healthcare. His journey came full circle when he joined the Exemplar Care team, driven by a desire to help others access the same level of care he received.

“Exemplar Care’s response to my shoulder injury was eye-opening,” Jason says. “It was a major factor in my decision to work here. I want to ensure others can gain access to this type of care.”

A Healthcare Model that Puts Patients First

David and Jason’s stories demonstrate the impact of the DPC model at work at Exemplar Care and exemplify how this model can break down barriers, providing timely and efficient care when it’s needed most.

“I think the biggest reward I get is when I hear what a wonderful experience someone has had at Exemplar Care,” David reflects. “We encounter many members when they are not feeling well, worried about potential health problems, or having other stressors. We work to make sure all member patients feel welcome, wanted, heard, and cared for. When we are successful, it is a win for both the members and the organization.”

We commend David and Jason for their work at Exemplar Care and their commitment to advancing subscription-based healthcare that truly puts patients first. Their stories show how Exemplar Care’s approach to the Direct Primary Care model can change lives, one patient at a time.

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