Supporting locally owned businesses

Supporting locally owned businesses – it is part of our DNA, is it part of yours?

As a locally owned business, we are proud to call Des Moines home. Local businesses are a vital part of the community. They provide jobs, generate tax revenue, and help boost the local economy. When local businesses succeed, communities thrive. Therefore, it is important to support local businesses as much as possible. 

Why Support Local Businesses?

  • Local businesses reinvest more than 60% of their profits back into the local economy, compared to less than 30% for national chains.
  • Local businesses tend to use local suppliers which further boosts the local economy.
  • Local businesses are usually owned by people who live in the community, so they’re more invested in its success.
  • Local businesses create jobs.
  • Local businesses volunteer and donate back to the local community.

How Do You Support a Local Business?

  • Shop locally
  • Tell your friends and family
  • Write positive reviews  
  • Tag, comment, like, subscribe, and share them on social media

Small Businesses “WIN” When They Support Each Other

  • Cultivate network expansion through your local chamber of commerce, local rotary, or breakfast clubs.
  • Diversify your audience by creating new partnerships widening your geographic or cultural reach or considering new sectors within your market
  • Share knowledge and resources
  • Be their customer or create opportunities for cross-promotion
  • Host or participate together in a community event
  • Be a connector 

By supporting local businesses, you are contributing to your local economy and giving back to your local community.

When local businesses succeed, everyone in the community benefits. That’s why it’s important to support them.

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