Unlocking the Benefits of Advanced Primary Care

A Game Changer for Payers Employers and Employees Alike


Healthcare Access Challenges

Employers and their teams (payers of healthcare) are confronting major healthcare challenges:   increasing costs, poor patient experiences, and barriers to accessing care. Sticking with the status quo no longer works and a new approach is needed. Enter advanced primary care—a transformative model that partners with health plans to address these issues head-on. This model promises lower costs, improved care quality, and enhanced patient experiences, all while offering value-driven referral navigation. Discover why payers should consider this innovative approach to healthcare.

The Promise of Advanced Primary Care: Lower Costs, Better Outcomes, and Enhanced Access

Advanced primary care represents a comprehensive, value-based approach to healthcare. By focusing on holistic, whole-person care—including behavioral health and social determinants of health—this model dismantles barriers to access, making healthcare more user-friendly and accessible. Key features include lower patient panels per provider to allow for greater personal care, multiple ways to access care (in-person, by message, phone or video), and minimal waiting times for appointments (same or next day appointments).

The synergy of high-quality, personalized, and convenient care encourages greater patient engagement, especially in routine and preventive care. This proactive involvement helps catch health issues early, leading to significant cost savings and better health outcomes. By prioritizing value and excellence, advanced primary care effectively reduces costs while enhancing the patient experience.

Enhanced Referral Coordination

Once engaged with advanced primary care, patients benefit from coordinated referrals. Trusted providers guide them to high-quality, cost-effective specialists, simplifying their healthcare journey and improving outcomes. This coordination is particularly impactful in reducing unnecessary costs and enhancing patient satisfaction.

Exceptional Member Experiences with Advanced Primary Care

Advanced primary care not only benefits payers but also significantly improves member experiences. Confronted with their healthcare challenges, members need robust support to enhance their healthcare interactions and reduce costs. Here’s how we can support your member employees:


1. Improving Member Experience

For many, healthcare is synonymous with stress and frustration, often leading to neglect of minor health issues until they escalate. Changing this experience is crucial. Providing multiple access points—such as digital and in-person options—and minimizing wait times can encourage people to seek care promptly. Longer appointment times and more personalized care ensure that members feel heard and their health needs are fully addressed, leading to happier, healthier lives now and in the future.

2. Providing Steerage to High-Value Networks

Beyond primary care, effective referral navigation to high-value networks helps members access quality care from local specialists. Given the wide variation in cost and quality for procedures within the same region, data-driven guidance is an invaluable resource for members.

3. Improving Clinical Outcomes

As a value-based care model, advanced primary care focuses on delivering high-quality care at every level of healthcare. This model ensures that members receive superior primary care by incentivizing providers to achieve optimal health outcomes rather than a high volume of short appointments.


Advanced Primary Care: A Cost-Saving Revolution

The future of healthcare lies in advanced primary care. This approach promotes preventive care and early intervention, reducing the need for costly emergency room visits, urgent care, and hospital admissions. Positive healthcare experiences will encourage members to engage more frequently with primary care, fostering a culture of health maintenance and early problem detection.

Engaging a dedicated healthcare partner to build an advanced primary care solution offers you and your members transformative benefits. The combination of flexibility, quality, and convenience leads to lower healthcare costs and improved member satisfaction.

Don’t wait to explore this groundbreaking healthcare model. Your organization and its members deserve a better kind of healthcare. Learn how Exemplar Care collaborates with health plans to deliver advanced primary care and transform healthcare access today.


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