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Direct Primary Care

Jon Van Der Veer, DO -  - Internal Medicine

Exemplar Care

Jon Van Der Veer, DO

Internal Medicine located in West Des Moines, IA

Board-certified internal medicine specialist Jon Van Der Veer, DO, takes a unique approach to your primary care needs. He started Exemplar Care in Des Moines, Iowa, to make health care affordable and highly personalized. As part of the concierge-style membership program, you have direct access to Dr. Van Der Veer, wholesale labs and imaging, and onsite medicine dispensing services. You also receive comprehensive care for both acute and chronic conditions and resources for preventive care. If you’re looking for a compassionate primary care provider, schedule a consultation at Exemplar Care today online or by phone.

Direct Primary Care Q & A

Why do I need a primary care provider?

By working with a primary care provider like Dr. Van Der Veer, you benefit from the consistency of care whether your sick or not.

As a primary care provider, Dr. Van Der Veer takes a total-care approach to your health and wellness. In addition to diagnosing the root cause of new symptoms, he provides comprehensive preventive care to prevent chronic diseases, like diabetes and arthritis.

Dr. Van Der Veer also offers primary care services like:

  • Physical exams
  • Weight management
  • Mental health services
  • Chronic disease management

By building a long-term relationship with Dr. Van Der Veer, you have access to his expertise when you’re sick, injured, or have questions about your health.

What are the benefits of available primary care services?

The membership services available are concierge style, so you always have direct access to Dr. Van Der Veer through phone calls, texts, and video technologies like FaceTime. This ensures you can speak with the doctor when you need him most.

In-office visits give you the time you need to get answers to your questions and learn more about your specific condition.

Other benefits of primary care membership include:

  • Longer appointment times
  • Onsite medication dispensing
  • Access to wholesale labs and imaging

Dr. Van Der Veer also offers the convenience of house calls and inpatient hospital visits to maintain your consistency of care. He believes in total transparency when it comes to pricing and always ensures your office visits are comfortable and without long wait times.

What can I expect during my initial consultation?

Getting to know you and your health care needs is the top priority for Dr. Van Der Veer. He takes the time to review your personal and family medical history and discuss your overall health.

If your visit concerns an existing health condition, Dr. Van Der Veer provides onsite diagnostic testing and creates a treatment plan to address your symptoms. He also creates long-term plans to address chronic health issues, like diabetes and arthritis, and provides you with educational resources to help you manage your own health more effectively.

During both diagnostic and preventive appointments, Dr. Van Der Veer performs a thorough physical exam. Through routine physicals, he can monitor and track any changes to your health. This gives him the opportunity to identify potential health issues as early as possible to give you a better chance of recovery.

To learn more about available primary care services, schedule a consultation at Exemplar Care online or by phone today.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) by the Numbers


In traditional models, doctors spend nearly two hours on insurance and other documentation for every hour they see patients. To remove this obstacle to providing high-quality patient care, DPC physicians do not accept insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. However, maintaining health insurance is important in the event of emergency or unexpected medical needs.

Less paperwork means we have a lot more time to spend caring for you.




On average, DPC physicians spend 140 minutes with each patient annually – not including time spent communicating through email, video chats, and telephone calls. That compares to just 33 minutes in traditional primary care practices.

Longer appointments = better health, lower overall cost.




Your Exemplar Care physician cares for 75 percent fewer patients than the average physician in traditional practices.

You get the time and attention you deserve.