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Urgent Care Pricing List

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Urgent Care Pricing Guide

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Final Approved 2021 Pricing

Urgent Care Visit $150
Return Visit $0
Abscess Incision and Drainage $45
Laceration Repair $45
X-ray (each body part) $70
B12 $15
CBC with Differential/Platelet $20
Chlamydia Rapid Test $25
CMP $20
CMP 14 $20
EKG $15
Ferritin $20
Flu Vaccine $25
GC/Chlamydia $50
General Chemistry 13 $20
Glucose Analyzer $5
Glucose Finger Stick Included in visit if needed
Hemoglobin A1C $20
Hepatitis B Vaccine (for each shot) $70
Hepatitis Panel $50
HG $20
HG A1C $10
HIV $55
IM/SC medication administration fee $10
Influenza A & B $20
IV Placement/ administration fee $15
Lab Collection Fee $5
Lipase $20
Lipid Panel $20

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Approved Urgent Care Pricing

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If you're in need of a test or procedure not listed above, let us know. We're happy to get the pricing information you need.