How Direct Primary Care Can Assist You To Better Manage Diabetes

If you are diagnosed with a chronic health condition such as diabetes, you generally have a lot of questions for your doctor such as treatment options, lifestyle changes, other health complications, and where to go to learn more. Many people find it increasingly difficult to gather enough information from their provider, due to short visits with no access to a provider outside of in-clinic appointments, small changes can go unnoticed and can lead to more serious problems.

Direct primary care providers can often tackle chronic health conditions more thoroughly and with better long-term results, simply because they have the time available to truly listen to their patients and investigate all symptoms. 

Diabetes management requires awareness and is measured by how well you can control your blood sugar. Therefore, it is important to know what makes your blood sugar level rise and fall and you need to know how to control these day-to-day factors. Having direct access to your provider at Exemplar Care, allows you to contact them directly when questions arise and get a timely response. From diet education to exercise recommendations to medication monitoring, your provider will not only address your diabetes but also maintain the rest of your health. As one of our members, Ken, states “there’s time that we can actually talk about what’s going on in my life and think about the different factors that come into play for me as a diabetic..”

When it comes to successfully treating a chronic condition such as diabetes, nothing beats the personalized attention of a direct primary care physician. DPC allows providers to truly get to know their patients. Our goal is to restore a positive and trustworthy relationship between providers and patients. 

For more information on how direct primary care can help you, contact us at or call us at 515-650-4370.

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