Why Employers are Investing in Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a step that many progressive companies are taking to save money on healthcare costs while improving benefits.

As “open enrollment” approaches, employers and employees will have the opportunity to switch health plans and consider switching their primary care provider. As healthcare costs continue to rise, DPC is becoming more popular and many employers are evaluating if it is suitable for their business. Many employers continue to absorb annual increases or pass them on to employees in the form of higher premiums or out-of-pocket expenses – both of which are unsustainable.

DPC offers employers and employees the following benefits:

Lower healthcare costs

DPC provides employees with direct access to their primary care providers reducing time away from work, more access to preventative wellness, and chronic disease management. Savings can be made through primary care compliance, reduced specialist, and ER visits, and more. DPC can also prevent health insurance increases by reducing claim spend and higher downstream costs. Also, less employee absenteeism yields cost savings for the company. 

Increased engagement with a primary care provider 

Employees are encouraged to visit their provider as often as needed via email, phone, text, telemedicine or in person. By addressing healthcare issues early, employees can remain productive. DPC is focussed, on preventative care allowing longer time with a provider when needed and immediate treatment of acute health issues, helping employees stay focused at work and worry less about their health. 

Recruiting and retention

DPC offers employees unlimited access to their primary care provider. It is a little like having a doctor on demand. Longer appointment times with their provider and multiple ways to connect, provide a deeper more engaging provider / patient relationship than through traditional healthcare. Recent studies by both Hint Health and Milliman for the Society of Actuaries confirm that DPC has been shown to improve employee satisfaction, retention, and health while lowering overall costs

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