Experience HEALTHIER EMPLOYEES and fewer claims

Boost your bottom line and elevate your employee’s well-being with Hy-Vee Health Exemplar Care membership for employer groups

More than ever, health care benefits are key to recruiting and attracting a quality workforce. People look to employers to provide health care benefits they can count on.

Cut costs without sacrificing quality. Enjoy the benefits of reduced absenteeism and a healthier, happier workforce. 


We work with employers of all sizes to provide a more personalized health care experience for their team.

A Healthy team stays productive.

Hy-Vee Health Exemplar Care increases productivity by keeping your staff out of the waiting room and on the job. When people have the opportunity to take care of acute or chronic conditions, they are going to be healthier and come to work more often. Hy-Vee Health Exemplar Care provides same/next-day primary care appointments, access to providers via email, messaging, telehealth, and phone, plus unlimited access to 24/7 urgent care. 

Curb unnecessary – and expensive specialty care

The vast majority of health care needs can and should be treated by primary care providers. When employees can access their provider, they are more likely to contact them in the early stages of illness. This reduces the need for costly ER visits and specialty care.

Hy-Vee Health Exemplar Care simplifies pricing with one flat, monthly rate for each patient.

Because we provide direct access to primary care providers and 24/7 urgent care, we eliminate the need for ER visits outside of actual emergencies. 

You save on cost, your staff gets better care*

decrease in ER visits

decrease in overall claims costs

decrease in outpatient visits

fewer inpatient admissions

Use Hy-Vee Health Exemplar Care with any insurance plan or no insurance at all.

With Hy-Vee Health Exemplar Care, you can offer your team an unlimited healthcare membership for a fixed monthly fee or you can layer the membership with a major medical health plan.


Hy-Vee Health Exemplar Care Membership gives you freedom and flexibility

Your employees want options and need flexibility to make the best health decisions for themselves. Membership comes with a wide range of services at no extra cost.

Here's how it works

Let’s meet

Contact us and we’ll set up a time to talk through your company and your employees’ needs.


We want you and your employees to have all the information you need. We’re happy to answer your questions and meet with you and your employees in person to explain Hy-Vee Health Exemplar Care membership.


Once an agreement is made, we’ll onboard your company and eligible employees onto our portal.

Schedule a consultation to learn more

Signing up and getting started with Hy-Vee Health Exemplar Care is quick and easy.

*Source: Busch, Fritz, Dustin Grzeskowiak, and E. Huth. “Direct Primary Care: Evaluating a New Model of Delivery and Financing” Society of Actuaries, May (2020).