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What are the different ways to contact your provider at Exemplar Care?

At Exemplar Care, we are offering a better way to gain access to the health care you deserve. There is a different and better way to do primary care than calling for an appointment, waiting in the waiting room, and only seeing your provider for five to ten minutes. If you become a member of Exemplar Care you will receive personable care whenever and from wherever you are.


With Direct Primary Care, you don’t have to see your healthcare provider in person, yet we know many prefer this option and at times in-person is necessary. When your provider needs to examine you for whatever reason, doing so in person is usually easier. We like to build relationships with our members and our first consultation of one hour allows a good foundation on which to build our relationship with you and understand your personal healthcare needs. 

Based on their need or situation, many of our members are looking for convenient ways to connect with their provider and they can connect with their Exemplar Care provider through any of the following means of communication. Our providers will communicate with you in whichever form suits your needs. 

Face-to-Face in Telehealth Virtual Chat

This is second to being with your provider in person but allowing you to connect with your provider that knows you and your health history. Virtual visits were useful and became popular during COVID-19 and offer a face-face option from the comfort of your home when you are feeling unwell or if you live far away from the clinic. Virtual visits allow you to receive personable quality healthcare from your provider. Learn more about how telehealth visits work or contact us at Exemplar Care to learn more. 

Over the Phone

Sometimes, our members have questions that require a little medical advice. There are multiple questions that you can ask your healthcare provider over the phone. This is an excellent choice for busy people and our providers are happy to help answer your questions. There are times that you may need to visit the clinic or provide additional details to provide treatment and our providers will communicate this with you. 

Via Email or Text Message or through the Portal

If you have a question or need advice that is not time-sensitive, text messages, emails, or portal messages are an ideal way to communicate with your provider.

No matter how you prefer to communicate, our Direct Primary Care team is happy to accommodate our members. Our goal is to provide personal quality care that meets our members whenever and wherever they are.

If you are interested in learning more about Direct Primary Care membership at Exemplar Care, please contact us. 

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