How Direct Primary Care Works

By changing the financial model, you change the care model, the experience and outcome.

It is because primary health care has been flipped on its head.

Driven by the insurance industry, physicians are pushed to see as many patients in a day as possible. This “assembly line” approach leaves little time to develop a meaningful relationship with your provider.

At Exemplar Care we do things differently. Much differently.

Our Direct Primary Care model gives you access to care 24/7. And because we work with you one-on-one as a member patient, the insurance company never gets in the way of the care you receive.

Whether it’s time for your annual physical, you wake up with a bug, or you need to be seen right away for an acute injury or illness … Exemplar Care is always there.


How Direct Primary Care Works:

One Membership Covers All Our Services

Our member patients have full access, as often as needed, to our clinic, primary care, urgent care, consultation via text or phone, and telemedicine appointments. You can say goodbye to “Dr. Google” because our team is always available to answer your questions.

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No More Co-Pays or Deductibles

The direct primary care model is membership based. That means that by paying a low transparent monthly fee you have ready access to everything Exemplar Care has to offer. This is made possible because our team is freed from billing insurance companies, coding your visit, or doing reams of paperwork.

Exemplar Care is Always There

When we say “unlimited” we mean it. You have access to your provider when you need it for one low monthly membership fee. This is a great benefit if you are focused on preventative health, chronic disease management, or if you are currently without health benefits.

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