Why is Direct Primary Care Important to Employers?

In 2023, the total average employer cost, including premiums, rose to an estimated $15,797 per employee — an increase of 5.2% from the previous year. Faced with rising healthcare expenses, employers and employees alike seek solutions that prioritize quality care without breaking the bank.

Direct Primary Care is just a payment model – nothing else. It is transparent membership-based healthcare and not a replacement for health insurance (although it can be offered as a stand-alone service). At Hy-Vee HealthExemplar Care, we harness the power of DPC to elevate the standard of care while minimizing financial strain for employers and employees. 

Improve Quality of Care:

  • Personalized, unhurried consultations with primary care providers
  • Same or next-day appointments, ensuring timely access to care
  • Specialized treatment for chronic conditions, tailored to individual needs
  • Proactive preventive care, with dedicated navigation, advocacy, and coaching

Reduce Overall Cost of Care:

  • Flat monthly fees, eliminating copays and deductibles for employees
  • Inclusion of in-house labs and imaging services, minimizing additional costs
  • Decreased reliance on unnecessary expensive hospital visits, ER trips, and specialist consultations
  • Thoughtful referrals to specialists focused on delivering value-based care

Businesses poised to benefit from Exemplar Care’s model of care include:

  • Those with self-funded health insurance seeking cost-effective solutions
  • Companies complementing High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) with DPC
  • Organizations grappling with annual increases in insurance premiums
  • Employers prioritizing recruitment, retention, and workplace wellness initiatives
  • Businesses extending healthcare benefits to part-time and contract workers

Empower your workforce with care from Exemplar Care. Contact us today to explore how our innovative approach can transform your healthcare strategy, improve employee healthcare satisfaction by providing more convenient and greater access to care, elevate employee well-being and drive cost savings.

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