The Exemplar Care Difference

At exemplar care we are focused on DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY

We are solving healthcare challenges for our members. This means that we don’t always take the easiest road forward. We continually seek to improve the quality of care for members by providing innovative solutions.

We’re building a member-first healthcare experience by providing the highest quality care that delivers better health outcomes and drives cost savings for employers, individuals, and families.

at exemplar Care we....

Fiercely Care

for our patients, our community, and each other. We respectfully listen and meet people where they are. We provide the right care in the right place at the right time every time.

Do Right by people

by treating every patient and team member like family. We always do the next right thing. We assume good intentions.

Do Whatever It Takes

by impacting lives when providing care. We embrace our own unique talents. We smile and make work fun!

Always improve

by innovating and iterating. We are open to new ideas and new ways. We ask questions, keep learning, and gain understanding.

Company History

Exemplar Care is a privately owned and operated healthcare organization headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. Dr. Jon Van Der Veer, DO,  founder, and physician, began his adult medicine practice in a conventional way. He quickly identified that he wasn’t fulfilled with the “assembly line” approach to care and he had a vision to do things differently. Inspired by the direct primary care model, he found a way to treat people not symptoms. This approach improves healthcare outcomes and reduces the cost of care. “Our model of care is focused on price transparency, affordability, access, and convenience” states Dr. Van Der Veer.  Our priority is putting our members first.

We go one step further than most Direct Primary Care and offer 24/7 urgent care and make sure that all of our on-site services are included in membership. And the best part? Our members not only feel happier and healthier, but they’re also saving money compared to the traditional approach.


Begin experiencing the Exemplar Care difference.

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