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Our Story


Jon Van Der Veer, DO, began his adult medicine practice in a conventional way.

Fresh out of medical school, he joined a large clinic where he regularly saw as many of 20+ patients a day. While he was confident he was helping his patients, he wasn’t fulfilled with the “assembly line” approach to care.

Dr. Van Der Veer wanted to do things differently.

He had a vision for a practice that delivered personal care to a smaller number of patients and allowed for patient and provider to develop a relationship. He wanted to deliver health care not sick care.

In establishing his Direct Primary Care practice, he has found his passion.

Today, Dr. Van Der Veer is fueled each day by meaningful interactions with his patients. Appointments are more than a quick look at the chart, a conversation over the shoulder while charting on the computer, and an order for a test, treatment or prescription on the way out the door.

They are interactions.

They are opportunities.

They are what health care is supposed to be.

If you are looking for affordable, personalized care, Dr. Van Der Veer and the team of Exemplar Care providers are always there.

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Direct Primary Care has benefits