CMT: Employer Appreciates Exemplar Care Excellence


“Our team deserves the best, and I feel like Exemplar Care delivers the best.” – Doug Clement, Founder and CEO, Construction Materials Testing

Since its founding in 2001, Des Moines-based Construction Materials Testing (CMT) has been focused on doing things the right way. As one of the premier testing and engineering laboratories for contractors in central Iowa, CMT specializes in an array of concrete, asphalt, soil, steel, and special inspections for large scale projects like interstate reconstruction, levee work, wind farms and even the Iowa Speedway in Newton.

The specialized work requires professionals who are highly skilled and share the company commitment to excellence. To recruit and keep a team filled with high achievers, Founder and CEO Doug Clement goes to great lengths to provide a salary and benefits package that compensates efforts that go above and beyond expectations. 

One of the centerpieces of that benefits package is health care coverage at Exemplar Care. CMT was one of the first companies to make an Exemplar Care plan available to its employees.

“I had a meeting with Dr. (Jon) Van Der Veer before Exemplar Care even opened to talk about the concept and how it might be a good fit for CMT,” Doug says. “I was impressed and as soon as they opened, we made it an option for our employees.”

Most of CMT’s staff uses the benefit, which includes Direct Primary Care services along with 24/7 access to Urgent Care. 

“As a family, we appreciate the ease of access to the level of care we need,” says Sybil Ferrier, Vice President and Chief Engineer at CMT.

Sybil has worked at CMT for 15 years and began using the Exemplar Care benefit as soon as it was offered.

“A lot of times using urgent care other places can be a hassle. It isn’t at Exemplar Care. We always receive good, quick service.”

Doug says time and again, Exemplar Care has proven to deliver a tremendous value for the company and for his team.

“It is so much more streamlined than a traditional health clinic,” he says of Exemplar Care. “Whether you need to walk-in, set up a video call or just reach out by text or email, someone is there to serve you. And having access to an urgent care around the clock just takes it to another level.”

Brant Payne, a Lab Technician at CMT, agrees.

“It is always thorough,” Brant says of the service delivered at Exemplar Care. “It is more personable too. And I’m always impressed by the range of services they offer. It is outstanding.”

In the near term, Doug is looking forward to Exemplar Care expanding its footprint in the region, giving his team even easier access to the breadth of services. 

“I’m happy to see my employees and their families using the benefit,” Doug says. “Exemplar Care has been so good to us. From delivering excellent care to our employees in the office to going the extra mile like they did when they came to us during COVID to provide vaccines and tests, we couldn’t be happier. Our team deserves the best and I feel like Exemplar Care delivers the best.”
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