Direct Primary Care

A Modern Healthcare Solution

Are you uninsured?

Does your insurance have a high copay and high deductible?

Do you long for more meaningful conversations with your primary care provider about your health concerns?

Would you appreciate the convenience of scheduling same-day or next-day appointments?

Whenever there is a need, Exemplar Care provides a way for you to access health care like never before. Their goal is to develop a lifelong relationship with their patients while helping employer groups or patients save money on healthcare. 

Direct Primary Care isn’t insurance. Instead, it’s a unique high-value membership that is available stand-alone or used to supplement high-deductible health plans and catastrophic plans. Our mission is to foster enduring relationships with our patients while delivering cost-effective transparently priced healthcare solutions for individuals and employer groups.

In return for a flat monthly membership ranging from $29 for children and $69 to $89 for adults, a local DPC, Exemplar Care provides members with an incredible level of personal care. This includes unlimited visits to their primary and 24/7 urgent care, in-clinic dispensing of medications, physicals, and more.

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