Emphasis on Individualized Care Leads Wild Rose to Exemplar Care

Assistance during COVID encourages the establishment of long-term partnership  

The summer of 2020 marked the height of uncertainty about COVID-19. While some businesses were beginning to return to relatively normal operations, there was still plenty of confusion about what to do if—or when—a staff member tested positive for the virus.

It was July when that very scenario hit the corporate offices of Wild Rose Casino in West Des Moines. A team member had a suspected case of COVID-19 and Tom Timmons, President of Wild Rose, says that he was encouraged to contact Exemplar Care to assist with effectively managing the situation.

“It was such a new thing that we weren’t sure the steps we needed to take,” Timmons says, looking back. Exemplar Care provided testing and recommendations for quarantine for staff. Throughout the process, Timmons says he felt like he had a partner in the Exemplar Care team, which led him to further explore their Direct Primary Care and Urgent Care offerings.

Impressed with Exemplar Care’s approach, Tom transferred his primary care to Dr. Jon Van Der Veer at Exemplar Care.

“He is so personable, and I appreciate the way he takes his time with me in my appointments,” Timmons says. “It is never rushed. He has gotten to know me and that is important to me.”

In addition to transferring his personal care to Exemplar Care, Timmons also added coverage to the benefits offerings of the Wild Rose corporate office. He says the business development team at Exemplar Care made it easy for Wild Rose to make the offering to its employees.

Employees who select the benefit have full access to Exemplar Care’s suite of services, including, unlimited primary and urgent care visits; unlimited email, phone, telemedicine/video or in-person access to providers; no copays or per-visit fees, even in urgent care; same-day appointments; annual screening labs; access to reduced-price lab work, medications and radiology services; and the longer appointments featuring wellness coaching and guidance that impressed Tom so much in his initial visit.

And that’s not all. Exemplar Care also offers a number of extras that Tom says he appreciates. That includes bringing services like flu shot clinics to Wild Rose’s corporate headquarters.

“It was simple for us to do,” Timmons says of adding the Exemplar Care benefit. “After seeing firsthand the level of care they provide, it was an easy decision to make. We are a relatively small corporate team so to be able to offer access to such a high level of both primary and urgent care is a big benefit for staff.”

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