Exemplar Care Urgent Care Offers x-rays*

When you present to the Urgent Care with an injury, you may need an x-ray.  You may think x-rays are only for broken bones, but did you know that they also play a key role in many other diagnostic purposes?

Our onsite 24/7 x-ray* and caring, professional radiology staff deliver quick, compassionate care to ensure you receive the appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

*X-ray is available at our Westown Parkway location.

Perhaps the best part of having your injuries taken care of at Exemplar Care is our staff. We have taken great measures to ensure that our practice not only employs highly qualified professionals but also ones whose love for what they do is reflected in their fierce caring of our patients. 

Here are just some of their stories:

It was 4 pm on a weekday when Kristen visited Exemplar Care. Having been ill for a month and seen three times elsewhere (without an x-ray), Kristen continued to feel ill and have breathing difficulties. Our provider listened to Kristen’s lungs and identified that there was no air movement and ordered a chest x-ray.  The x-ray showed the location and extent of inflammation in Kristen’s lungs and prescribed Kristen medication to manage pneumonia. We are now four weeks on and Kristen is feeling much better and advised that Exemplar Care “is my urgent care of choice from now on and three of my family members have all also received great treatment.”

We took a call from a Valley Athletic Trainer (AT) at 6:15pm on a Friday regarding a high school female basketball player who had taken a fall and been stepped on during a game. We were prepared with details when the student and parents arrived at urgent care. The student quickly saw a provider and was sent for an on-site x-ray which identified an ulna fracture. The AT had already recommended an orthopedic, a referral was provided to allow the student to sign up and the student and family left within the hour, with the student’s arm being supported by a splint and able to attend Winter Formal that weekend. 

We also wish to thank our staff who have served multiple COVID patients. Some of these patients required x-ray and one such patient stated that they were “thankful for the attention and respect given their situation while trying to get an x-ray.”

If you have an injury that may need an x-ray, visit our West Des Moines office. Check wait times and

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