Is Direct Primary Care a Good Fit for Your Small Business?

Health coverage is one of the most important employee benefits an employer can offer yet offering health insurance is getting more expensive for businesses. 

So, what does a small business owner do when health insurance seems unrealistic given budget constraints. 

As a small business, you have an opportunity to effectively manage your company’s healthcare costs by embracing direct primary care (DPC). DPC at Exemplar Care, provides your employees with unlimited access to primary and urgent care for an affordable flat monthly fee. 

Reasons Why DPC Would be a Good Fit For Your Business

1. DPC saves you and your employees money.

A DPC membership provides 24/7 access to primary and urgent care for a flat monthly fee. Many employees with no insurance or high-deductible health plans avoid getting the care they need – or struggle with medical bills until their deductibles are met. 

2. Provides access to convenient, timely, local care.

Employees have access to their provider, during regular business hours in person, via text, phone, or telehealth. They also have unlimited access to our 24/7 urgent care. 

3. Promotes a healthier workplace. 

DPC fosters a close provider-patient relationship, which leads to a more personalized health care experience and a healthier and happier employee. DPC membership also removes barriers to care like co-pays or high premiums.

4. Reduces absenteeism and improves productivity. 

When people have the opportunity to take care of acute or chronic conditions, they are going to be healthier and come to work more often. One of the benefits that avoids absences is that providers can even consult with patients via phone (text, email) or telemedicine. This reduces the need for in-person visits during office hours. They can also visit urgent care 24/7 to receive timely care. 

5. DPC Membership has a low cost.

The low cost of DPC membership allows you to create a more competitive benefits packages for your employees while reducing your overheads. 

If you are interested in bringing the option of DPC to your business, we can help.

Contact Us to learn more about Exemplar Care Direct Primary Care memberships and pricing. 

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