National Doctor’s Day: Why Direct Primary Care?

As we celebrate National Doctor’s Day, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the “why” behind the choice, Dr. Jon Van Der Veer and Dr. Michael Line made to pursue careers as Direct Primary Care doctors. Direct Primary Care is a healthcare model where patients pay a transparent monthly fee directly to their provider or clinic, in way of a membership fee.

Dr. Jon Van Der Veer, founder of Exemplar Care, says that his “why” really comes down to the core values that led him into the field of medicine, particularly into direct primary care. He goes on to say, “For me, it’s always been about prioritizing meaningful time with patients and exploring alternative avenues for delivering healthcare. Our model of care allows for more efficient communication, whether through HIPAA-compliant messaging or phone calls, which allows us to dedicate more time to longer patient visits aimed at addressing the root causes of their health concerns and discussing their health goals.

“Unlike the traditional healthcare system, where patients often feel like numbers in a revenue-driven machine, this patient-centered model allows us to <strong>detect health issues earlier and proactively work to maintain well-being. The transparent pricing makes healthcare more accessible and cost-effective for individuals and companies alike, resulting in substantial savings.”

Dr. Van Der Veer concludes, “Ultimately, direct primary care aligns with our fundamental mission as healthcare providers: to care for people the right way. It’s why we entered this profession and shows our commitment to delivering care that truly puts patients first.”

Dr. Michael Line, MMM, also took a moment to reflect on his “why” for becoming a doctor in the direct primary care setting. “For me, this model represents more than just a way to deliver healthcare—to me, it embodies compassion. The Direct Primary Care model gives me the time to form meaningful, trusting relationships with my patients, and be just a message or phone call away whenever they need me. This not only leads to better health outcomes for my patients, but by focusing on preventative, proactive care, we can enhance well-being while minimizing the need for hospitalizations and emergency visits. For doctors driven by a genuine desire to serve others, the Direct Primary Care model allows you to do just that.”

Whether you’re a healthcare provider or an individual exploring healthcare options, consider the Direct Primary Care model that prioritizes the patient above all else. Learn more about Hy-Vee Health Exemplar Care’s direct primary care services here .

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