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Jon Van Der Veer, DO

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As an experienced primary care provider specializing in internal medicine, Jon Van Der Veer, DO, offers comprehensive care for both acute and chronic health conditions. At Exemplar Care in Des Moines, Iowa, you can receive customized care in an unhurried, caring environment. Dr. Van Der Veer takes the time to understand your symptoms and your overall health. He customizes your treatment to ease your symptoms and provides resources to help you stay healthy and happy. Learn more about your options for managing acute or chronic disease by calling Exemplar Care or requesting a consultation online now.

Acute and Chronic Disease Management Q & A

What conditions are treated?

There are a variety of conditions Dr. Van Der Veer diagnoses and treats. He takes a holistic approach to identifying the root case of your symptoms and creates a treatment plan focusing on your overall health and wellness.

Dr. Van Der Veer can evaluate acute injuries and illnesses, including sports injuries, gastrointestinal issues, and upper respiratory infections.

You can also receive comprehensive care and management for chronic health conditions like:

  • Diabetes
  • Joint pain
  • Lung disease
  • Heart disease
  • Crohn’s disease

Based on your specific needs, Dr. Van Der Veer designs a chronic care plan to ease your symptoms and prevent a worsening of your condition and other health complications.

What diagnostic services are available?

All visits start with a comprehensive physical exam and an unhurried discussion about your personal and family medical history. Dr. Van Der Veer may also recommend additional tests, such as blood work or imaging, to confirm your diagnosis.

Through the unique membership benefits at Exemplar Care, you can also reach out to Dr. Van Der Veer through email, text, or FaceTime. Many patients use the technology to send photos of their injuries or describe their physical symptoms, allowing Dr. Van Der Veer to determine if you need an in-office visit. In some cases, he can provide treatment recommendations or prescriptions immediately.

What treatments are available for acute and chronic diseases?

As an experienced primary care provider, Dr. Van Der Veer offers comprehensive treatment for a variety of conditions. He customizes each care plan to your specific needs, based on your overall health and the severity of your symptoms.

For instance, if you need assistance managing your diabetes, Dr. Van Der Veer provides recommendations for insulin therapy. If you’re experiencing chronic joint pain from arthritis or a sports injury, Dr. Van Der Veer may prescribe medications and refer you for physical therapy or chiropractic care. For your convenience, Exemplar Care offers onsite dispensing of necessary medicines.

As a member, you can contact Dr. Van Der Veer at any time for follow-up care and additional guidance. He stays on top of your condition and general health to ensure you’re symptom-free and enjoy a high quality of life.

If you’re looking for a dedicated primary care provider for help with acute or chronic disease management, call Exemplar Care today or book an appointment online.